THE CURIOS is all about awakening the latent curiosity of young minds about scientific principles of nature and its relationship with humankind. Rest of the concerns… conservation of natural resources, adopting sustainable lifestyle, valuing traditional conservation principles and their popularization, they develop spontaneously!

Nature is the biggest archive and laboratory open to us. Evolved over millions of years, it keeps on recording every event in rocks, geologic structures, landforms and biological diversity. These records display awesome beauty and showcase the mysterious and unchallenged energy of Nature. Ancient civilizations worshiped that energy, analyzed natural processes, learnt from it, valued its provisions and wisely managed to live in its harmony. Many of these principles are still alive in some cultures, and their traditional knowledge systems and artifacts reflect human-nature connectedness. However, most of such systems in developing countries are vulnerable to disappear due to lack of proper recognition, rapid land use changes and social transitions.

We believe that reviving the curiosity to interact with nature is the only serious way to act towards its conservation. While our knowledge about natural phenomena has been continuously strengthening, it is essential to take the basic geo and environmental sciences to masses in interesting ways. If people know, how the geo-morphological features they see around formed, what they reflect, how important they are for humans and our planet; they can develop this curiosity as long term endeavor. This makes them sincerely concerned towards conservation of such systems. The CURIOS team strives to raise awareness about natural structures, their services, threats they face and roles of cultural principles in conserving them through fun filled educational tours in India and Moldova, targeting young minds as they are the most curious explorers.

Target sites

Unique geological and ecological sites

Archeological treasures

Traditional systems

In CUR!OS tours, each expedition aims to provoke curiosities  among the participants about nature and promote scientific attitude towards beauty and significance of natural and archeological heritage. Our initiative allows young people to observe the situation with the natural and archaeological sites and identify where change is needed. They will then propose their solutions to conserve and preserve them and engage in real action through projects, internships and social entrepreneurship. In this way these amazing people will create positive change for the benefit of the environment and society and inspire other individuals concerned to follow “the Path of a Changemaker”.

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